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Marriage Education Resource Center, Indiana

Our Mission:

Healthy Marriages.

We exist to help couples discover God's design for healthy and enduring marriages.

Shop Amazon Smile and choose MERCI in New Albany and Amazon will donate a small portion of your purchase to MERCI. Thank You!

Shop Amazon Smile and choose MERCI in New Albany and Amazon will donate a small portion of your purchase to MERCI. Thank You!

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“Stepping Up” study for men

“Respectfully Yours” study for women



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Couples often wait until their marriage is in shambles before they’ll seek help. Marriage Education Resource Center, Indiana (MERCI) has ongoing marriage enrichment studies, workshops and mentoring programs that will encourage husbands and wives to maintain a loving and respectful relationship.

Biblically-based marriage studies are offered utilizing various formats - live teaching, table discussions, couple projects and/or marriages videos from renowned Christian speakers and authors; free monthly workshops are held with invited guest speakers presenting a variety of topics - communication, conflict resolution, sexual intimacy, parenting, blended families and addressing other challenges common to most couples.


Couples in crisis are encouraged to attend any of the these programs. However, MERCI also utilizes an assessment and mentoring program, PREPARE-ENRICH. Facilitated by experienced married mentors, certified in this program, couples will meet for 8 weeks with the goal of returning to the oneness they once enjoyed. Using a variety of trusted principles and tools, couples will re-engage with better communication and conflict resolution skills in all areas of their marriage.

Learn more about what we believe in our Statement of Faith.


Can this help me?

MERCI offers encouragement, support and educational tools and resources to help couples discover God’s design for marriage. Engaged, newly married and couples married for any number of years will find new and proven ways to love and respect one another in all seasons of life, enjoying years together “until death do you part.”


What are couples saying about MERCI?

June 2018

"We are so happy that God put MERCI in front of us.

Thank you for caring so much about us and our marriage."



Marriage can be wonderful, exciting, fun; you know, all those things it was when your relationship was new! After the first 15 years of marriage we realized we were tired of being unhappily married but we didn’t know where to turn.

Our journey to discovering God’s design for marriage led us to this ministry in the hope we can help couples going through the struggles we experienced return to a mutually fulfilling and joy filled married.

We will celebrate 34 years of marriage this coming August! We have now been serving in some form of marriage ministry for 15 plus years . . . facilitating marriage studies, mentoring and speaking at various churches and other events.

If God can make something new and beautiful out of our marriage, He is able to do the same for you! We give God the glory for our renewed marriage!



MERCI was established in October 2014. The Eshams saw a need in the community and recognized that not all churches have a marriage ministry and married couples had a difficult time finding help. The Merci Barn was opened in November 2015. With all glory to God, marriage transformation  begins within these walls through Bible studies designed specifically for marriage, workshops covering a variety of topics and studies for men and women as marriage is only as strong and healthy as the two individuals in it. Come and see us!